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We thank you in advance for any consideration, purchases, referrals, window shopping, reservations and this time with us. I would like the opportunity to expand your services, grow our marketing program and when you tell your referrals remember we are people who need people too! Internet connections are a major selling tool but, with your loyalty and word-of-mouth we can grow together. Your page would join a system capable of managing multiple requests concurrently with security for a multi user environment. We have completed our investigation for all our web hosting options and needs. Each web page that you see here is a part of our current network server. Our web pages are differently classed based on our company requirements, future plans and goals. Your packages would also be secured based on customer feed back form.

As a Business Systems Analysis, I see a variety of business situations and solutions. It is always easier to guide, recommend and encourage when you are objectively on the outside looking in. I have over twenty five years experience as a Senior Level Executive. I have strong technical skills and proficiency within the travel industry, social networks, word processing, databases, computer programming and complicated spreadsheets. In addition, I have successfully provided support services to a twelve hundred - member sales team, as well as managing all office purchasing and financial distribution for a multilevel international previous employer. It was my sole responsibility to locate savings. While locating savings, I discovered a series of over payments and captured the amounts. The recovered funds totaled over two hundred thousand dollars in over payments.

Our contract rates could include: code from scratch, changes to your web site, one web page upgrade, revisions to your site, revisions to one page, photograph uploads, graphics, sounds, music, redesign, rearrange elements, or codification upgrades you desire in the future. Have your guest at your site listen to the music while they read. A site costing fifteen dollars a month is adequate for small business. Our document conversion cost from twenty five dollars a hour and up depending on the details involved. If your web page is established then you are aware of the applications, files, and memory for the size of your web page. We recommend that you increase the size of your package during your domain transfer to us. Those upgrades will allow for your growth and changes. Graphics Art and specializations cost seventy five dollars an hour for additions, upgrades and alterations. We are web hosting joyfully with our current network. Annual Webs Hosting Products rates are available now. To ascertain your needs we would like to assess your business. This assessment will be in full details based on your individual needs. Many web owners have pretty pages but they are not functional or up to standards. Please, provide as many details that are available when in communication with us.

Our promotion is being distributed indefinitely however pricing will vary. We meet people all the time who would like to have a web site of their own with 99% up time. People who want to tell the world about their business, goods or services. Our plans begin with 200 GB of space including 2000 GB of bandwidth. Starting out many Business Owners often exceed their credit card limits when building their businesses. We provide two options for registration. On line with a credit card and off line by check or money order. Most web host require a credit card to get you started on the Internet. Here is your opportunity to prepay for your web site with no concerns about monthly bills. We will encourage you to get up and running quickly once your check or money order has cleared our bank. New businesses can start typing out your ideas and thoughts now to get started. More Information!

Our business is established and Raymond’s Express Travel Services ® was registered in the State of Pennsylvania (1986) and still current. In our beginning on the Internet the Manager at our Hosting Company used his credit card to pay for our web site once our check cleared his bank. We have been blessed and now we are trying to be a blessing by extending the same courtesy to you. We have several webs hosting plans to select from to meet the needs of your business. When we register your business we require three optional names for new business registrations. We require thirty (30) days for domain transfers off line for snail mail check payments. This enables us to search for the best availability concerning your business or time to transfer. If we are unable to register one of your three names, we will need corrects contact information. Communication is your key to success. Your web name is your address. The date of your Domain registration is the start of your business year. You will only lose a few days for new businesses to receive your log in information when paying by check. We will contact you the way that you choose: email, snail mail or telephone call. Ray Extra Hotel Reservations

Building your web site. Once we register your Domain name and have cleared your first years prepayment we will establish that your site is under construction. Your registered Domain will be your Internet address. The under construction sign will be displayed until your web page is built or transferred. Each page will be individual. Once you receive your log in information you may start adding the details of your business to your site. You may work on your page as often as you can at your leisure. There are tools to select from to help you with this building process. When building or updating your web page always remember to save after completing each feature. There will be a fee accessed to your account(s) for bounced checks and delinquent payments. A bounce check will return your established web page to an under construction status for a limited time only.

If you require our planning services, please visit our information page and our product store. If you do not see what you are looking for, you may send your inquires to our email address. Our Product Store has options for you to see now. All orders placed by check must include our nine dollar and ninety five cent set up fee and any additional packaging that you require. Your budget , dreams and business goals may permit you to pay three to five years in advance. We welcome your commitment now and will appreciate our partnership later. Our rates have been researched and we are below most of the Industry Fees. To learn more about us, please read all the pages here below and our other site, again thank you.

Make all checks or money orders payable to:
Raymond’s Express Travel Services
c/o Pamela Dabney
P. O. Box 295
Glenolden, PA 19036-0295

We accept donations to help us at anytime.

Our services that we have are priced in general but will be based on the individual need. You may visit our Ray ExTra Services Store at any time for additional pricing details. Our Partners ended the SPECIAL PRICING program and replaced it with the upgraded feature packages. If you received our snail mail offer we apologize for any inconvenience but that program has been cancelled. All orders must be placed according to the packaged   Annual Web Hosting plans.


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