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Raymond’s Express Travel Services started with a dream and a prayer. We are your Reservation Service Provider and web hosting service. Would you be interested in an affordable payment schedule? Are you planning for your family, business, or group? What would you like to enjoy while traveling? Will this be a momentous occasion? Yes, we have questions. We welcome you. We will surely provide an incentive package to fit your needs, group, couple or family. We are affiliated with Airlines, web builders, design teams, decorators, Car Rentals , Save up to 50% on all Hotels worldwide. , cruise travel, Family Travel Deals, packaged air tours, and locations with handicap facilities. We serve the world. Your secured transaction can be completed. This is our text only site.

Our search for quality, standards and services over the years, keeps us in line with our remaining competition and growing industries. We are the Small Business incentive partners. Many people want to reward their employees, wedding attendants, and others for their hard work, participation and dedication. We have the items that you require. You can reward your people and we will negotiate the best rate for your gift. Visit our other pages for more products, goods and services to fulfill your Incentive needs.

Raymond’s Express Travel specializing in services including: web planning, business expansions, honeymoons, vacations, tours, theme CRUISE , and meeting planning just to name a few. We can grow together as a network. We have established communication over the years on the Internet with our subsidiary "Party Eloquence". We have featured travel services, with gifts, and specific planning. How did you locate Ray Ex? When you accept our mailing list invitation, please inform us how you found us and what accessible device you are using. If we can be of assistance to a friend or neighbor share that information as well.

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Access Party Eloquence .Com with full images is a subsidiary of Ray Ex and has been our web home since 2001. The travel industry changed from world events and we made adjustments. Party Eloquence will live on. We are expanding around the early part of next year. Our domain registration is paid to near the end of 2012. Raymond's Express Travel Services has many clients who remembered our services and techniques for planning parties, weddings, honeymoons, and events while on vacation. We have often planned both travel and parties together. Now we are helping you with your business plans.

Party Eloquence .Com wedding specialty has become the paper products. Here are a list of wedding paper products: invitations, announcements, envelopes, reception and directions cards, response cards and envelopes, thank you note, programs, scrolls, book markers, favor ribbons, napkins, matches, and place cards. Our featured paper products can be seen on a different page here at this site. There is a variety of elaborate lettering, colors and themes with paper products. We have devoted our attention to your personalized outlines and details. We have made the follow up calls, looked at the samples, and made corrections. Your happiness with that product means our success.

Access Our full Webmaster Page, with images we have completed business training seminars and certifications with top leading professionals to increase our power, knowledge and credibility. The Internet acumen has enabled us to maintain. We would have been out of business years ago without the Internet, family and a few long times dedicated benefactors. Thank You, Mr. Gates for the Microsoft opportunities to keep us reliable, functioning, operational and exchanging. We are web hosting and trusting our current network. Here is our Access our Annual Web Hosting rate packages with images hosting products and pricing here.

Access Raymonds Express at the Department of State and other Pennsylvania registered businesses here on line. Please, take a moment to see this information about Raymond’s Express Travel Services. We are listed there on line. We would like to gain your trust with our honesty. Pennsylvania charges a fee for researching off line Access any Pennsylvania businesses with images in our state. Moving foreword on the Internet: P. Dabney majored in Business Automation Management and J. Dabney in World Communications our computer analysis. The travel experience began with Dale a Group Tour Manager who helped P. Dabney while earning money to pay college tuition. Over the years if it moved: we planned to it, for it, and with it. We also have completed the Government course for the Workforce Reinvestment Act, and Travel Weekly Seminars. The NCL Cruise Specialist Plus Award is hanging too. Combining these talents we offer much services and experience.

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We appreciate our affiliations and your patronage! While opening doors for others we network with a team of new designers. Our Network Team has artificial floral arrangements, decorative baskets, year round holiday themes, musical entertainment, and more. We are also partnered with other businesses those will deliver your gifts, live floral arrangements, baskets, and food anywhere in the United States Access our full gift page with images . International restrictions may apply with some Countries.

Summer Season is coming, Exclusive Cruise Promotions Balances are due. Full payments are always welcomed and accepted. May we be able to bless your travels and parties with good memories with our services? We will continue to welcome the invitations, tickets to your events, and travel familiarization tours to other cities in the future. Our grand opening for this site was October 2, 2009 and we are not going to use a counter because we have established our web traffic and still expanding. Please, access the menu below for our available pages. Thank you for your time, patience and any future considerations. We are continuing our work to be fully in compliance with the 508 standards pastiche paragraphs (a) through (p) of Section 1194.22. We appreciate you and your understanding during this transition.


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