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Events Page at Ray Extra Services. Everyone with an established web page needs a hosting package to maintain registration, transfer, manage a domain name, upgrade, expand site services, and gather promotional tools on line. No matter who builds, updates or manages your site you need a home to host your business. All pages have an expiration dates that are renewable. This is our web hosting service for you. In addition we have flights and car rentals on line for your clients. We have terms of service and other agreements for your web site(s). Many things factor the rankings of Customer's web site(s). Therefore, additional services will be provided for per hourly rates depending on the requirement. Our service provides web site owners with monthly, quarterly and yearly rates including: tutorials, information and directions. Please read to the bottom for additional links with instructions.

Travel, We have always loved travel and wanted to show people the world. We have traveled, examined equality, services, and tried new things. This was my first file transfer protocol (ftp) and page that I built from scratch. I learn as I go along and experiment with other designs and options. When we wrote programs in high school and college it was at the desk like an architect. I gave the written copy to someone else who typed it and then returned it to me on cards for testing. Once we reviewed our work we made adjustments to the program where need be. While building this site I have used my old computer language books, Internet classes HTML 5.0, and some used text books. My son is learning graphics arts and he too has completed the 508 training. We hope you can enjoy, shop, and join our efforts.

Raymond’s Express Travel Services ®

Greetings and thank you for reading to this point. We are a Small Business incentive partner. We built this site with trial and error. You are more then welcomed to assist us with our adventure. Your nominal donation will help keep us operational. We will instruct you to whom the donation will be sent to and why. God is in control no matter what and we survived past September 25, 2015 and all the false profit$. When I was a teenager they told me the world would not have been here this long. I see rainbow confirmations all the time. I even see rainbows at night now. A rainbow is the sign of Gods promise.

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